About Us

Neil Smith has been training dogs for over 30 years. He has owned and handled a variety of dogs, mainly GSD / Rotty x, some good and some challenging. He has attended many seminars and worked alongside some highly experienced trainers.
Keeping up to date with learning about new training methods and theories provides a valuable source of knowledge that is adapted to all the training classes.
Neil currently owns 5 gun dogs, which he works at various levels

The dog’s welfare is paramount, not just physically but emotionally too. We try to strike a balance between the dogs needs and the customers expectations so that we will enhance the lives of everyone. We all want different things from our pets, some people are happy with companionship whilst others strive to compete to a high standard in their chosen field of training. Whatever your needs, we try to respect them whilst your dog is in our care.

Nuts about Muts has to be quite particular about which dogs we accept as it is important that all dogs get along together and are reliable with people. This helps to ensure that all dogs have the best experience possible when they are in our care.

Unfortunately we do not accept dangerous or unpredictable dogs.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to train and socialise at an early age in order to prevent problem dogs from developing. Remember, rescue dogs are made not born